Bureau of National statistics
Agency for Strategic planning and reforms of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Summary of the socio-economic development of the region
Population size and migration

The population of the region as of April 1, 2024 amounted to 2145.2 thousand people, including 530.3 thousand people (24.7%) - urban, 1614.9 thousand people (75.3%) - rural residents.

The natural increase in the population in January-March 2024 amounted to 10633 people (in the corresponding period of the previous year - 11031 people). In January-March 2024, births were registered by 2.1% less than in January-March 2023, deaths - by 4.8% more.

The balance of migration is negative and amounted to - 7592 people (in January-March 2023 - 2978 people), including in external migration - a positive balance of 133 people (105 people), in internal - negative - 7725 people and (-3083 people).

Labor and income

The number of unemployed in the I quarter of 2024 amounted to 41.7 thousand people.

The unemployment rate was 4.9% of the labor force. The number of persons registered with employment agencies as unemployed as of May 1, 2024 amounted to 39530 people, or 4.7% of the labor force.

The average monthly nominal wages accrued to employees (excluding small enterprises engaged in entrepreneurial activities) in the I quarter of 2024 amounted to 284373 tenge, an increase compared to the I quarter of 2023 amounted to 10.3%. The real wage index in I quarter 2024 was 101.4%.

In the IV quarter of 2023 the average per capita nominal cash income of the population of the region, according to the estimate, amounted to 103516 tenge, which is 18.3% higher than in IV quarter 2022, the growth rate of real cash income for the specified period is 6.8%.

Industry statistics

The volume of industrial production in January-April 2024 amounted to 362556.7 million tenge in current prices, which is 6.2% more than in January-April 2023.

In the mining industry, production volumes increased by 2.9%, in the manufacturing industry - by 10.6%, in the supply of electricity, gas, steam, hot water and conditioned air there was – by 7.9%, in water supply, collection, processing and waste disposal, pollution elimination activities decreased by 10.9%.

The volume of gross output of agricultural products (services) in January-April 2024 amounted to 175649.8 million tenge, or 100.4% by January-April 2023.

The volume of cargo turnover in January-April 2024 amounted to 7569.3 million tkm, or 93.2% compared to January-April 2023.

The volume of passenger turnover amounted 468 million pkm, or 101.4% by January-April 2023.

The volume of construction works (services) amounted to 53670.1 million tenge, or 106.9% compared to January-April 2023.

In January-April 2024, the total area of housing put into operation increased by 21.7% and amounted to 200.4 thousand square meters, of which in multi-apartment buildings – 29.3 times (28.9 thousand square meters), individual residential buildings - by 4% (170.2 thousand square meters). In addition, the dormitory was put into operation area 1.3 thousand square meters.

The volume of investments in fixed capital in January-April 2024 amounted to 178395.2 million tenge, or 124.6% by January-April 2023.

The number of registered legal entities as of May 1, 2024 amounted to 18147 units and increased by 5.3% compared to the corresponding date of the previous year, including 109 units with over than 250 employees. The number of operating legal entities amounted to 16394 units, including 15742 units - small businesses. The number of registered small and medium enterprises (legal entities) in the region amounted to 14378 units and increased by 5.8% compared to the corresponding date of the previous year.


The short-term economic indicator for January-April 2024 compared to January-April 2023 amounted to 103.4%. The calculation of the short-term economic indicator is carried out to ensure efficiency and is based on changes in output indices for basic sectors: agriculture, industry, construction, trade, transport and communications, accounting for over 60% of GDP.

The volume of gross regional product for January-December 2023 amounted to 4166425.1 million tenge at current prices. Compared to the corresponding period of January-December 2022, real GRP increased by 2.2%. In the structure of GRP, the share of production of goods amounted to 40.4%, services – 52.6%.

The consumer price index in April 2024 compared to December 2023 was 102.1%. Prices for food products increased by 2.1%, non-food products – by 2.4%, paid services for the population – by 1.7%. The prices of enterprises producing industrial products in April 2024 compared to December 2023 increased by 0.2%.

The volume of retail trade in January-April 2024 amounted to 80799.1 million tenge, or 4% more than the corresponding period in 2023.

The volume of wholesale trade in January-April 2024 amounted to 38863.1 million tenge, or 109.5% compared to the corresponding period in 2023.

According to preliminary data, in January-March 2024, mutual trade with the EAEU countries amounted to 56.9 million US dollars and decreased by 50.7% compared to January-March 2023, including exports – 15,2 million US dollars (by 83,4% less), imports – 41.7 million US dollars (75.3% more).

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