Bureau of National statistics
Agency for Strategic planning and reforms of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Key indicators
496 759,6
Cargo transpoted In thousand tons for January-June 2024.
244 302,2
Cargo turnover In million t-km for January-June 2024.
840 060,2
Passengers transported Thousands of people in January-June 2024.
38 506,4
Passenger turnover in million pcm for January-June 2024.
IFO in the section «Transport and warehousing» In % for January-June 2024.
Data visualization
The collection contains a system of macroeconomic indicators that give a comprehensive picture of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, reflect economic indicators
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Dynamic tables
  • Availability of motor vehicles xls
  • Road and urban electric transport xls
  • Gross output and IPV for the industry Transport and warehousing xls
  • All modes of transport for period xls
  • All modes of transport for all months xls
  • Accidents on transport xls
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