Bureau of National statistics
Agency for Strategic planning and reforms of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Key indicators
1 805 972,4
Real estate transactions in mln.tenge, January-December 2023
1 240 585,9
Activities in the field of architecture, engineering surveys, technical tests and analysis in mln.tenge, January-December 2023
1 099 352,9
Computer programming, consulting and other related services in mln.tenge, January-December 2023
764 500,7
Rental, hire and leasing in mln.tenge, January-December 2023
754 981,4
Activities in the field of sports, recreation and entertainment in mln.tenge, January-December 2023
Data visualization
The collection contains a system of macroeconomic indicators that give a comprehensive picture of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, reflect economic indicators
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Dynamic tables
  • Services in the field of architecture and engineering activities, technical testing and analysis xls
  • Volume rental service xls
  • Volume professional, scientific and other technical services xls
  • Volume of veterinary services xls
  • Volume of sports services and leisure services xls
  • Volume of services on the organization of gambling and betting xls
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