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    Key indicators
    In Kazakhstan in 2022, the Industrial Production Index (hereinafter referred to as IPP) amounted to 101.2%

    Production growth is observed in the manufacturing industry by 3.6%, in the supply of electricity, gas, steam, hot water and air conditioning – by 0.4%.

    Significant growth among the regions was noted in Abay, Akmola, Almaty, Zhambyl regions and Almaty city.

    Main indicators of industry performance in the reporting period

    In 2022, industrial products were produced in the amount of 48777 billion tenge, of which in the mining industry - by 24926 billion tenge (51.1% of the total volume), in the manufacturing industry - by 21162 billion tenge (43.4%).

    IndustriaI production indices by type of economic activity in 2022
    as a percentage of the previous year
    Dynamic tables:
    The volume of products in general for the industry
    Product volume, million tenge Industrial Production Index, 2022 in % for 2021
    Republic of Kazakhstan 48 777 089 101,2
    Abai 1 225 894 110,1
    Akmola 1 515 044 113,8
    Аktobе 2 827 313 101,2
    Аlmaty 1 651 714 109,1
    Аtyrau 13 341 732 98,3
    Batys Kazakhstan 3 924 946 99,5
    Zhambyl 881 373 110,5
    Zhetisu 297 398 101,6
    Кaragandy 3 865 350 98,1
    Коstanai 2 470 019 96,0
    Кyzylorda 977 985 98,4
    Мangystau 3 182 645 101,9
    Pavlodar 3 230 474 99,8
    Soltustik Кazakhstan 519 686 104,6
    Turkistan 907 944 93,1
    Ulytau 1 036 540 103,5
    Shygys Kazakhstan 2 217 699 102,3
    Astana city 1 972 355 103,3
    Almaty city 1 763 728 109,1
    Shymkent city 967 251 106,1

    In the mining industry and quarrying in 2022 the IPP amounted to 99.1%, due to the decline in the production of crude oil (98.1%), natural gas (98.9%), iron ores (79.6%) and other minerals (96.2%).

    In the manufacturing industry production increased by 3.6%. The growth was recorded in the production of food (106.4%), beverages (111%), tobacco products (108.9%), petroleum products (101.8%), chemical products (113.6%), rubber and plastic products (104.8%), other non-metallic mineral products (102.7%), basic noble and non-ferrous metals (106.9%), finished metal products (103.6%), mechanical engineering (110.8%).

    In the supply of electricity, gas, steam, hot water and conditioned air the IPP amounted to 100.4% due to an increase in the production, transmission and distribution of electricity by 1.3%.

    In water supply, collection, treatment and disposal of waste, activities to eliminate pollution in 2022 the IPP was 95.8%. Volumes of collection, processing and distribution of water – 1.9%, collection, processing and disposal of waste; disposal (recovery) of materials decreased by 7%.

    An increase in production volumes was recorded in 13 regions of the Republic, a decrease was recorded in Atyrau, West Kazakhstan, Karaganda, Kostanay, Kyzylorda, Pavlodar and Turkestan regions.

    Industrial production indeces by regions in 2022
    as a percentage of the previous year, increase +, decrease -

    The volume of industrial production in value terms is the cost of all finished products (products) produced by the en-terprise, semi-finished products of its production (both from its own raw materials and materials, and from raw materials and materials of the customer), intended for sale to the side, its capital construction and its non-industrial divisions , issu-ing to its employees on account of wages, as well as works and services of an industrial nature, performed on orders.

    The volume of industrial production in physical terms is the output of specific types of products in physical terms. The volume of industrial production in physical terms is taken into account in terms of gross output, including products spent on industrial and production needs within a given enterprise and produced from raw materials supplied by the customer.

    The index of industrial production is a relative indicator that characterizes the change in the volume of industrial pro-duction in the periods being compared.

    Methodological notesр

    The information base for the formation of indicators of industrial products (goods, services) is the primary data of na-tionwide statistical observations of industrial enterprises, enterprises with a secondary activity of "Industry", individual entrepreneurs, peasant or farm enterprises.

    To calculate the index of industrial production, a method is used based on the dynamics of physical indicators for an established set (basket) of representative goods, followed by a step-by-step aggregation of individual (commodity) indices into indices by types of economic activity. Indices for large populations are calculated as a weighted average of the con-stituent elements of these populations.

    More detailed methodological explanations are available at the following links:

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