Bureau of National statistics
Agency for Strategic planning and reforms of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Addresses and contact information

100600, Republic of Kazakhstan,
Ulytau Region
Alashakhana avenue 1B
tel./fax 8 (7102) 41-06-70
e-mail: statuly@aspire.gov.kz Phones for working with respondents: 1446 (free in Kazakhstan)

Operating mode:
daily from 9.00 to 18.30
lunch from 13.00 to 14.30
day off: Saturday, Sunday.

Commissioner for Ethics of the Department of the Bureau of National Statistics of the Agency for Strategic planning and reforms of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the Ulytau region – Karaeva Aizhan Umurzakovna, tel.: 8 (7102) 41-46-68

Position L.N.P. Telephone
Head Zharimbetova Sania Dosmaganbetovna 8(7102)41-07-60
Deputy Head Karaeva Aizhan Umurzakovna 8(7102)41-46-68
Internal Administration division
Acting Head of division Isaeva Nursulu Mukhambedianovna 8(7102)41-06-31
Division of Price Statistics, Registers and Work With Users of Statistical Information
Head of division Dandibaeva Aitkul Mukhamedievna 8(7102)41-07-60
Chief specialist Zhakeeva Gulzat Barystanbaevna 8(7102)41-07-60
Chief specialist Muslimova Venera Mauletovna 8(7102)41-07-60
Division of Control in Relation to Respondents and Administrative Sources and Legal Support
Head of division Bimanova Zulkhia Samatovna 8(7102)41-07-15
Division of Statistics of Industry and Environment, Agriculture, Construction and Investment
Head of division Isataeva Aigerim Isataevna 8(7102)41-03-68
Chief specialist Amanova Gulsim Sarkytovna 8(7102)41-03-68
Chief specialist Seitova Indira Beisembievna 8(7102)41-03-68
Leading specialist Zhubanazarova Gulnar Kalakhmetovna 8(7102)41-07-15
Division of Labor Statistics, Living Standards and Socio-demographic Statistics
Head of division Tuleshova Aizhan Arystambaevna 8(7102)41-06-80
Chief specialist Birzhanova Zaure Melisovna 8(7102)41-06-80
Chief specialist Turalieva Altyn Isimovna 8(7102)41-06-80
Division Trade, Transport, Communications, Services and Structural Statistics
Head of division
Chief specialist Khamitov Bauyrzhan Korganbaevich 8(7102)77-30-28
Chief specialist Kemelbaeva Tolkyn Khabibulaevna 8(7102)77-30-28
Leading specialist Aidarova Anar Appazovna 8(7102) 77-30-28
District (city) Statistics divisions
Division of statistics of the city of Karazhal
Head of division Almusin Talap Azamatovich 8(71032)2-60-94
Chief specialist Dinges Irina Vladimirovna 8(71032)2-60-94
Division of statistics of the city of Satpaev
Head of division Isataeva Gulsim Sagyndykovna 8(71063)7-17-11
Chief specialist Tlegenova Ardak Salimovna 8(71063)7-27-84
Leading specialist Tursynbekova Mereke Erkinkyzy 8(71063)7-27-84
Division of statistics of Zhanaarka District
Head of division Zhapparkulov Ertugan Kanatovich 8(71030)2-67-47
Chief specialist Kordabaeva Gulnaz Aldongarovna 8(71030)2-64-86
Leading specialist Abdikarimov Gazym Zhanabaevich 8(71030) 2-64-86
Division of statistics of Ulytau District
Head of division Abdyraiym Eldos Makhsutuly 8(71035)2-11-05