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Agency for Strategic planning and reforms of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Volume of construction work in 2023 increased by 15.1%
Volume of construction work in 2023 increased by 15.1%
Volume of construction work in 2023 increased by 15.1%

In 2023 the volume of construction work (services) amounted to 7 612.8 billion tenge and increased by 15.1% compared to 2022. At the same time, 82.2% of the total volume of construction work in the republic was carried out by private construction organizations, foreign – 17.3% and state - 0.5%.

According to the structure of construction work, the main volume fell on construction and installation work – 84.7, major repairs – 7.6, current repairs – 7.7.

By type of objects in 2023, the largest share is occupied by works performed on the construction of structures – 51.1%, non-residential buildings-32,9% and works on the construction of residential buildings – 16%. The largest volumes in monetary terms were also observed in the construction of structures – 3893.7 billion tenge and the highest increase was shown in the construction of structures – 33.1% compared to 2022.

Commissioning of facilities

In 2023 38 017 new buildings were completed, of which 35 304 are residential and 2 713 non-residential. The total area of commissioned residential buildings 17.8 billion square meters, which increased by 13.8% compared to last year. Put into operation comprehensive schools - 112, pre-school institutions - 63, out-patient and dispensary institution – 107, hospitals – 3. At the same time, visits per shift in outpatient clinics increased by 2955 visits per shift compared to 2022.

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