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The short-termeconomic indicator in January-August 2023 was105.3%
The short-termeconomic indicator in January-August 2023 was105.3%


The short-termeconomic indicator inJanuary-August 2023 compared with January-August 2022 was 105.3%. Calculation of the short-term economicindicators implemented to ensureefficiency and is basedon the change in output indexesfor basicsectors: agriculture, industry, construction, trade,transport and communications,constituting over 60% of GDP.





ToJanuary-August2022г., in percent

Investments into fixed capital, billion tenge

9 649.7


Industrial production volume (goods and services),
billion tenge

29 952.3


Volume of gross agricultural, forestry and fisheries products (services), billion tenge

3 845.0


Volume of construction works, billion tenge

3 521.8


Cargo turnover by all types of transport, billion tkm



Volume of passenger turnover, billion p-km



The volume of communication services, billion tenge



Retail trade turnover, billion tenge

11 237.5


Volume of wholesale trade, billion tenge

24 326.8


Foreign trade turnover, million US dollars

79 488.8 (January-July 2023)


The number ofregistered legalentities as of September 1,2023 was 526703 unitsandcomparedwith the corresponding periodof the previous yearincreased by 5.2%, including517684 units with less than100 employees.The number of operatingentitieswas413258 including 404395small businesses (less than100 employees).

The consumer price indexinAugust 2023compared to December2022was 106.6%. The food prices have increased by 5.9%, nonfoodby 6.4%,paid services –by7.7%. Prices ofindustrial productsin August 2023compared to December 2022 has decreased by 2.2%.


Social sector

Per capita nominal incomeof the population estimatedin July 2023was 174171 tenge (preliminary data) which is14.2% higher compared to July 2022, the real monetary income in July 2023increased by 0.2%.

The number of unemployedpeople estimatedin August 2023was449.4 thousand people.The unemployment rate was 4.7% of the labor force.Number of persons registeredwith employment officesas unemployedat theend of August 2023was288.4 thousand people or 3.0% of the labor force.



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