Bureau of National statistics
Agency for Strategic planning and reforms of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Gross domestic product for January-March 2024
Gross domestic product for January-March 2024

The physical volume index (PVI) of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for January-March 2024 (a reported data) in relation to 2023 amounted to the appropriate period 103,8%. In the structure of GDP, the share of production of goods is 35,1%, services –57,9%.

The largest growth was shown by the Construction –115,9%, Information and communication –110,1%, Provision of accommodation and food services –109,1%.

The industries made largest contributed to the GVA GDP Mining and quarrying – 0,82%, Construction – 0,62% and Wholesale and retail trade; car and motorcycle repair–0,54%.

GDP - in market prices, is the final result of the production activities of resident producers.

PVI GDP characterizes the change in the volume of production of goods and services in the economy for a certain period.

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