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    Key indicators
    2 314.7
    In 2022, emissions of pollutants into the atmospheric air from stationary sources amounted to 2,314.7 thousand tons and their level decreased by 3.8% compared to the previous year.

    Due to the entry into force of the new Environmental Code, the procedure for classifying objects of nature users has been changed, the objects of category IV have not been included in the scope of the survey of statistical observation of emissions into the atmosphere from stationary sources, since they are exempt from regulatory measures according to environmental legislation. These changes are one of the factors reducing emissions in 2022.

    Of the total volume of pollutants released into the atmospheric air, 79.6% were gaseous and liquid substances, 20.4% were solid.

    In 2022, enterprises of the republic captured and neutralized 93.4% of pollutants from the total amount of pollutants coming from all stationary sources of pollution.

    Dynamics of pollutant emissions
    Emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere
    in thousands of tons

    The main volumes of pollutants were formed in the territories of Pavlodar (724.2 thousand tons) and Karaganda (469 thousand tons) regions.

    Emissions of pollutants by region
    in thousands of tons
    2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
    Republic of Kazakhstan 2 446,7 2 483,1 2 441,0 2 407,5 2 314,7
    Abai - - 40,7 40,9 39,0
    Akmola 84,5 76,7 77,2 77,3 69,5
    Aktobe 158,1 136,6 135,1 137,4 136,5
    Almaty 50,2 48,1 26,3 30,3 28,8
    Atyrauя 172,3 164,5 153,9 160,3 132,1
    BatysKazakshtan 48,2 41,2 30,8 26,0 25,8
    Zhambyl 52,1 55,8 55,0 55,8 52,9
    Zhetysu - - 19,9 17,7 13,1
    Karagandy 587,5 641,3 519,0 488,0 469,0
    Kostanai 124,0 130,5 123,4 137,9 121,4
    Kyzylorda 26,0 24,4 28,3 29,2 23,4
    Mangystau 65,5 64,5 72,5 75,2 78,7
    Pavlodar 709,3 721,5 723,0 736,1 724,2
    SoltustikKazakhstan 75,5 74,7 76,0 61,2 52,7
    Turkistan 30,0 33,5 28,1 29,0 25,2
    Ulytau - - 108,7 81,7 105,1
    ShygysKazakhstan 130,7 128,8 86,5 87,2 83,3
    Astanacity 56,4 65,1 62,4 62,2 57,7
    Almatycity 43,0 46,1 44,5 40,8 41,4
    Shymkentcity 33,4 29,8 29,6 33,2 34,9
    Dynamics of emissions of the main specific pollutans
    Emissions of specific pollutants into the atmosphere in the years 2018-2022
    in thousands of tons

    In 2022, the republic's air basin received such specific pollutants as lead and its compounds in the amount of 213.4 tons, manganese and its compounds – 73.9 tons, copper oxide – 103.1 tons, sulfuric acid – 382.2 tons, chlorine – 53.8 tons, mercury – 264 kilograms. The actual release of these substances did not exceed the volume of the established maximum permissible emissions (MPI).

    Dynamic tables:

    Emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere – the entry into the atmospheric air of pollutants (having an adverse effect on the health or activity of the population, on the environment) from stationary sources of emissions (organized and unorganized).

    Stationary organized sources include mobile sources from which pollutants enter through gas and air outlet systems (chim-neys, aeration lights, ventilation shafts, etc.).

    Methodological notes

    To form an indicator of emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere from stationary sources, data from the annual national statistical observation on atmospheric air protection are used.

    Data on the amount of substances leaving with gases used in technological processes of production of products as raw materials or semi-finished products are not included in the total volume of emissions of pollutants into the atmo-sphere. In particular, substances formed and disposed of during the purification of gases leaving the reactors during the production of soot at carbon black plants, the purification of gases leaving the ore-thermal furnaces during the production of yellow phos-phorus at phosphorus plants, the purification of gases leaving the furnaces of the "fluidized bed" in the production of sulfuric acid are not taken into account. at chemical plants. At ferrous metallurgy enterprises, carbon monoxide contained in blast furnace gas, which is used as a process fuel, is not taken into account. The substances captured by installations and systems of "double adsorption" and double contacting, which serve to produce products from waste gases of non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy, chemistry, petrochemistry plants, are not taken into account. Only pollutants entering the atmosphere as a result of incomplete capture and gas leaks due to non-tightness of technological equipment are subject to accounting.

    Additionally, a methodological explanation is available at the following link:

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