Bureau of National statistics
Agency for Strategic planning and reforms of the Republic of Kazakhstan
    Key points

    "Input - Output" tables are a system of equations modeling the process of production and its final use, linking in a single scheme the accounts of production, income, consumption and accumulation.

    Symmetric "Input - Output" tables are constructed up to 68 types of products. For each product the balance identity is fulfilled: resources are equal to use, as well as total output to the value of costs (including GVA components).

    The initial basis for compilation of symmetric "Input - Output" tables is the supply and use tables.


    The output of goods and services represents the total value of goods and services resulting from the production activities of resident units of the national economy in the reporting period.

    Basic price is the price received by the producer for a unit of a good or service, excluding any taxes on the product and including subsidies on the product (other than import subsidies).

    The purchaser’s price is the amount paid by the purchaser (excluding any deductible VAT or similar deductible taxes), for the delivery of a unit of a good or service at the time and place required by the purchaser.

    Intermediate consumption is the value of goods and services that are transformed or completely consumed in the production process in the reporting period.

    Taxes on products include taxes that are directly related to the value of goods produced and services rendered. Taxes on products include: value added tax, excise taxes, customs duties and others.

    Trade margin is defined as the difference between the actual and deemed price received for goods purchased for resale and the price that a trading enterprise would have to pay for identical goods at the time of their sale or other use.

    Transportation margins are obtained by subtracting from gross output of freight transport, transport services included in the cost of production.

    Direct cost coefficients are industry indicators of the costs of raw materials, materials, fuel and energy for the production of a unit of output.

    Total cost coefficients are the sum of direct and indirect costs of products of one industry for the production of a unit of production of another industry.

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