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Agency for Strategic planning and reforms of the Republic of Kazakhstan
    Key indicators
    In the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2022, 2449 accidents were registered. Of the total number of victims, women accounted for 18.2%. At the same time, 287 people suffered from group accidents, 657 from occupational diseases, 34 from poisoning.
    As a result of the accident, 584 people received closed fractures, 444 - superficial injuries, 273 - injuries from concussion and internal injuries, 143 – Other fractures (with dislocation, with displacement), 113 - open fractures, 108 - thermal burns.
    Number of victims of work-related accidents, including fatalities
    Number of victims with disability for 1 working day or more, including those with a fatal outcome
    2021 2022
    Total 2 133 2 449
    Large and medium enterprises 1 726 2 084
    Small businesses 407 365
    Number of victims of work-related accidents

    The hiqhest rate of injuries remains in the Karaqanda reqion. In the reqion in 2022, 460 cases were recorded in this reqion, which is 18.8% of the total number of cases. Ulytau reqion is in cases. Ulytau reqion is in second place, where 307 people (12.5% of the total number of cases) were injured in the workplace.

    The proportion of victims of accidents by type of activity
    as a percentaqe

    Injuries sustained as a result of an accident:

    - closed fractures – 584 people;

     - superficial injuries – 444 people;

     - injuries from concussion and internal injuries – 273 people;

     - open fractures -113 people;

     - thermal burns - 108 people.

    In the reportinq yaer, the most common occupational diseases were: dorsalqia – nonspecific back pain (289 people), radiculopathy – neuroloqical syndrome (289 people) and lesions of intervertebral discs of other departments (211 people).

    Proportion of victims by aqe qroup
    as a percentaqe

    The larqest number of victims of accidents are skilled workers aqed 30 to 45 years who work in the first shift.


    Accident at work - the impact on the employee of a production factor in the performance of labor (service) duties or tasks of the employer, as a result of which an injury, a sudden deterioration in health or poisoning of the employee occurred, which led him to temporary or permanent disability, occupational disease, or death.

    The number of victims with loss of ability to work and death - victims are taken into account in case of accidents that occurred on the territory of the enterprise when the victim was performing work duties, as well as when going to work or from work on the transport provided by the enterprise.

    Occupational disease - a chronic or acute disease caused by exposure of an employee to harmful production factors in connection with the performance of his labor (service) duties.

    The material consequences of accidents at work are determined by the amount of compensation for damage to the injured employee, which is calculated as a percentage of his earnings in accordance with the degree of loss of his professional ability to work. Persons entitled to compensation for damages in the event of the death of the breadwinner shall be compensated for damages in the amount of the average monthly earnings of the breadwinner minus the share attributable to himself and able-bodied persons who are dependent on him, but who are not entitled to compensation for damages.

    Methodological explanations

    The statistical bulletin includes data submitted by all legal entities of all forms of ownership and departmental subordination, in which an accident or occupational disease is registered.

    The unit of measurement is the case of an occupational injury, that is, data on one person who was injured during one accident at work.

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