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Statistics in simple words
Statistics in simple words
Gross domestic product (GDP) by production method

GDP - the most important indicator of the economy of any country, allowing you to assess the level of development of industries.

It is the sum of the gross value added of all resident producers at basic prices plus a portion of taxes on products less subsidies on products.

The GDP of any state consists of goods that have a material expression (the cost of cars, bakery products, etc.) and intangible ones (services: education, treatment, professional, culture, and others).

The calculation includes goods and services produced only in that country during the reporting period.

There are two main types of GDP: Nominal GDP - the volume of GDP in prices of the period under review. It depends on the market price and can increase even if production remains at the same level (for example, during inflation).

Real GDP - reflects the change in production volumes and is calculated in prices of the previous period.

Population census

The population census - a "single-shot" of the entire population of the country on a certain date, carried out every 10 years under the coordination of the UN

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